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Welcome! I'm Annie, and I'll¬†guide¬†you¬†to transcend you ‚Äďyour self, story, space, time and mind. You'll¬†discover¬†your soulful Source through my¬†custom Expanded State of Consciousness¬† (ESC)‚ĄĘÔłŹ¬†Method.

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Why Experience an Expanded State of Consciousness? 

An Expanded State of Consciousness (ESC) is a peak spiritual moment in which you may encounter your Soul (or Source/Divine/Light) in a way that can be clear and life-changing. An ESC experience opens you to the edge of your consciousness. Encountering this Source supports you to transcend you and experience your Source to grow beyond what holds you back and receive what your heart most wants.

In an ESC Experience, you may¬†access a reality beyond yourself¬†that changes your relationship with you ‚Äďyour sense of self, story, time, space and mind. In addition, you may develop a multi-dimensional awareness in an¬†ESC Experience that connects you with many realms, including ancestral, spiritual, natural, quantum and energetic dimensions.

In an ESC, the Default Mode Network (thinking mind) may begin to power down and go offline. When the Default Mode Network quiets, the thalamus controls the regulation of the perception of reality, which changes in expanded spiritual experience. These changes in the brain slow input to the parietal lobe and may account for increased clarity and focus and loss of sense of self, space and time.

Expanded experiences or divine encounters are reported as among the most meaningful experiences within a lifetime and can be attributed to positive changes in terms of life satisfaction, purpose, and meaning and a decreased fear of death.

My Approach

Learn the ESC Method

During the ESC process, you will learn and utilize 3 induction techniques that are rooted in transpersonal psychology, quantum and consciousness theory and spiritual practice. Using these three induction methods can be effective because:

  • You move from mind wandering to attention stabilization, which¬†can support you to entrain to an expanded state.
  • You¬†gently¬†induce a temporary hypoxic state that supports expansion, which¬†can give you a new broader perception.
  • You up-regulate control over brain function, which can help sustain integration and regulation.

ESC Experiences may dramatically shift your perspective very quickly and the change tends to last over time. There can be a link between the unitive qualities in an ESC Experience and positive psychological outcomes, like increased psychological flexibility and ego dissolution. ESC experiences may facilitate quantum leaps of change in your personal life, including your work, relationships, home and daily routines.

Method 1‚ÄďHigh Ventilation Cyclic Breathwork

This breathwork technique includes breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth in a continuous cycle. The process may include a breath hold at the top and/or bottom of the breath. This technique creates an imbalance of CO2/O2 to induce expanded spiritual experience.

Method 2‚ÄďSoft Gaze

This technique vacillates between open monitoring (fuzzy gaze) and focused attention (gimlet gaze). This panoramic vision process may disorient the pre-frontal cortex, slow input to the parietal lobe and activate the parasympathetic nervous system through using anterior, peripheral and posterior points of focus to induce expanded spiritual experience.

Method 3‚ÄďMantra or Sacred Word¬†Meditation

This technique uses a word-based intention to anchor attention in the present moment for the purpose facilitating process markers and integrative touchpoints. In addition, by focusing on a word or tone repeatedly, this technique may induce and sustain an expanded experience.  

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Start with a Group ESC Session

Join a live public ESC Group Session with Annie to experience the custom induction method that can support an ESC. In this group call, you will be introduced to the ESC Method and guided into the potential for an ESC. You'll receive integration and preparation materials to support your process to transcend your limitations and experience Source through an expanded, unordinary state of consciousness.  These ESC Group Sessions occur about every 6-8 weeks. The next group is Thursday, July 18th, 2024 at 7pm ET.


Go Deeper with an Individual ESC Session

Book a private individual, duo or trio ESC Session with Annie.¬†These sessions¬†focus on¬†expanding¬†your spiritual consciousness¬†to¬†live beyond yourself with solidness, resilience and steadiness ‚Äďno matter what comes your way.¬†You can expect to be guided through¬†the custom¬†ESC method¬†individually or with one or two other people that you choose to include. Annie will deliver direct support¬†to facilitate multi-dimensional connection with the quantum field in your process. You'll also receive opportunities for individualized follow up and integration.


Apply ESC at Work or Home by Scheduling an ESC Event

Book Annie for a private event and apply your journey with ESC to your context.  Annie will tailor a program specific to your group needs and intended outcomes. You'll receive a topical teaching that is relevant to your group's specific focus, an extended customized ESC process that is vibrationally calibrated to your group, and facilitated conversation and reflection to synthesize experiences and create an actionable step. 

Typical ESC Events may include a family event, team workshop, friend group or professional association. An ESC Event may be used for marking a milestone, engaging with a life question, making a decision, setting a vision, or to discerning a soulful next step. The purpose of an ESC Event is for each individual to transcend the self and manifest collective purpose in order to identify and follow a cohesive direction and meta-purpose for the greater good of all.



I'm Annie. I am a transpersonal spiritual guide and intuitive practitioner. I¬†developed the ESC method after the tragic¬†death of my son as a way to transcend the limitations of¬†my personal loss and manifest a collective purpose beyond my suffering and pain.¬†I actively used these techniques to enter an ESC and I discovered interconnection and unity with my son, which facilitated transformation through transcendence. Learn more about my story and how an ESC can help you transcend¬†you ‚Äďyour self, space, time, story and mind.

More about me

Maria Xaviera Ordas

After experiencing the ESC process with Annie, I could see very clearly the answer and continuity to many synchronicities and questions that I had been working on in my life and specially lately. Firstly to feel the bridge of connection between the physical and spiritual realm was enlightening and always felt safe, loving and natural. Annies guidance and visions provided me with so much information to understand the calling of my soul with much more clarity, it also opened up a space to go deeper or want more of this. It really is something unique that provides clear inner guidance and opens up new unexplored terrain that feels right save and loving. 


Cindy Jennings

Annie's ESC process is one of the most gentle entries into an incredibly powerful expanded state of awareness I've experienced. She provides just the right amount of guidance and silence to both experience and understand the energetic information available while in the expanded state. I highly recommend! 


Annie is wonderful‚ÄĒ her presence and demeanor make the experience approachable and also powerful‚ÄĒ her insights will stick with me for years to come‚ÄĒ likely forever.



The ESC session facilitated by Annie was both 'heavenly' and transformative. The combination of breath work, sound, and intuitive guidance provided the necessary medium for an expanded state of consciousness without the use of mind altering medications. The depth and breadth of the expanded state was far greater than anything I had experienced from years of meditation and other contemplative practices. I would highly recommend it for anyone who seeks to live their soul's highest purpose.


Diane Lujan

I have companioned with Annie Browning for many years and her new Expanded State of Consciousness (ESC) offering is a method for deep and transformative work, whether in an individual or group setting. By quieting the thinking mind, Annie uses cycles of breathwork and focusing so that the Soul wisdom emerges. I highly recommend the ESC offering if you are seeking wholeness, balance, and vitality in your life.

Kimberlee Peifer

I have worked with Annie for a number of years now and this session offered the most intense and clear internal visions and guidance yet. I felt both a strong sense of things releasing in me, and a clarity on what potential next steps might look like in my life while simultaneously being able to hold it all loosely and not attaching. In addition, the pre and post work that was offered helped support the energy and guidance of the session before it began and long after it ended.


My session with Annie was great. She was able to pinpoint and dig into very relevant topics in my life and helped me to understand where I should focus my energies going forward to manifest what I want to create.



Even with the preparation, I was not quite sure what to expect.  It was so much more than I could have ever imagined. The process is comfortable and formatted really well. The gift of insight and sharing that Annie was able to give from those that came to speak to me was powerful. I thought my heart would explode in gratitude and love! Amazing work. 


Diane Stakoe

The guided breathwork allowed me to really center and drop out of my mind. I had no expectations but the intuitive guidance that came through Annie was exactly what I needed to hear in order for me to move forward and release the stuck energy from deep past conditioning and limiting beliefs I feel have been holding me back from stepping fully into my meta-purpose. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Annie. I am forever grateful.


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Start Here.

Sign up. Start Your Expanded Spiritual Experience. 

You'll receive a ESC Guided Process in your inbox that will support you to connect with an Expanded State of Consciousness. You'll get a 5 minute breathwork and focusing process that will introduce you to the ESC Method.

Plus, I will keep you in the loop about upcoming classes, retreats and talks. 

I don't spam you. I don't sell your information. I abide by my privacy policy.